Discover the wonders of Pamukkale and Hierapolis on a private day tour from Istanbul. Experience the natural beauty of the limestone terraces and the ancient ruins of Hierapolis, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Pamukkale’s thermal waters have been attracting visitors for years, making it one of Turkey’s most visited attractions. Witness the breathtaking limestone formations, created by the flow of hot springs that contain carbonic acid and lime. Explore the ancient thermal baths, Roman baths, the Baths and the Roman Theater, and the Temple of Apollo. The vast necropolis holds the remains of patients who came to heal but failed, and each grave tells a unique story. You will have time to walk and bathe in the hot springs, reflecting and rejuvenating in the waters. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the pool of Cleopatra (ticket not included). At the end of the tour, our representative will take you to the airport for your flight back to Istanbul. Book your private day tour now and experience the charm of Pamukkale and Hierapolis like never before!