Cappadocia, often regarded as a miracle of nature, is situated in the central part of Anatolia, approximately 200 km northeast of Ankara. Crafted by the hand of the greatest artist, nature itself, it stands as one of the most remarkable artistic creations, covering an expansive area of about 80,000 km2.

The name “Cappadocia,” derived from Persian, translates to “the land of beautiful horses.” While historically associated with these majestic animals, Cappadocia is renowned today for its extraordinary stone sculptures, famously known as “fairy chimneys.” This unique region is a testament to the artistry of nature, shaping surreal landscapes that captivate the imagination.

We have curated an experience for you to witness the beauty of Cappadocia in the most enchanting way – from the air. Ballooning, an unusual, romantic, and exciting adventure, offers the most effective means to explore the splendid panorama of this colorful terrain. Opting for this adventure ensures it becomes a part of the category: a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The balloon tour is organized seamlessly: Our dedicated organizers pick up tourists from their hotels in specially equipped vehicles and transport them to the balloon launch site. Here, a complimentary buffet breakfast awaits, featuring fruits, pastries, meats, and salads. The balloon flight, lasting a minimum of one hour, provides a unique vantage point, revealing parts of Cappadocia inaccessible from the ground due to challenging terrain.

As the balloons rise between 06:30h and 07:30h, reaching a height of approximately 300m, participants are treated to a breathtaking sunrise experience, transforming the dark shadows of the valley into a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. At some points during the flight, the proximity to the chimneys creates a sensation as if you could touch them. In favorable weather conditions, afternoon ballooning during sunset is also offered.

The tour concludes with a champagne celebration, marking the birth of a new day over Cappadocia. Following the flight, raise your glass for a Champagne toast while receiving a silver or gold medal as a cherished flight souvenir. Relax during the drive back to your hotel, wrapping up the entire experience, from departure to a balloon flight, in a duration of three to four hours.

Adventurers will find delight in this extraordinary journey, while creative artists and romantics may even find the perfect moment to propose. Cappadocia, with its mesmerizing allure, promises an unforgettable adventure that transcends the ordinary.

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